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The following summarizes many of the services I can provide you and your company.


From Adobe Acrobat to Microsoft Office and specialty applications like QuickBooks and ProSeries, I am able to install and support most applications on your PC or Server.

Desktop (and Laptop)

My experience in assembling white box desktop computers as well as brand name systems such as Compaq, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, Sony and HP allows me to help install your new computer systems, including laptops, and support your existing machines. When a system fails, I will diagnose the issue and contact the manufacturer to obtain warranty parts for replacement, if applicable. Of course I would replace the failed components, too.


I have several years experience writing technology standards, including Disaster Recovery plans, and instructional materials for applications and support documentation.
     Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption Plans
     New product or software training materials
     Standards and support documentation


Tying it all together, I can handle the installation of your wired (Ethernet) networks, including gigabit technology, firewalls, and broadband internet connections.

Expanding beyond the physical network, I will install and support your wireless network, including Wireless Protocol 802.11 type A, B, G, and N as well as Encryption Protocols.


Project Management

Having managed large scale PC rollouts, server upgrades, and data center relocations, I can manage projects through all aspects including initial planning through execution.  I have been trained to the Green Belt level in the Six Sigma approach to efficiency and accuracy.


Anti-virus, firewalls, and data encryption are necessary to protect your computers when interacting with other computers; on your network or over the internet.  I will help you protect your systems and data with security software installed on your PC's and we can use a centralized security solution like Symantec, Sophos, or Trend Micro to enhance the protection of your computers, network, and data.


Having extensive experience with Compaq, Dell, and HP Server Hardware, I can install your new server and support your old server.  When your server fails, I will diagnose the issue and contact the manufacturer to obtain warranty parts for replacement, if applicable.

Server installation includes physically installing the hardware as well as installing and configuring the Windows Server Operating System; proper system mounting and cable management, plus client configuration.

Web-site design

Straight forward and easy to use web-sites are what I design.  Using complimentary color schemes and easy-to-read formatting, Your web-site will contain all the information your customers need to understand your business and how it can benefit them.

Sample Web-sites

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