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I have a few basic rates for servicing you and your company.

Documentation and web-site design - $65/hour
Authoring, collection, and layout of articles, newsletters, standards, support and training materials.  Including design and content modifications.
Authoring, collection, and layout of web-sites and content.  Including design and content modifications.

On-site Computer and Printer Installation and Support - $90/hour
Installation and/or support of computer systems, including hardware, software, printers and peripherals.
Installation and/or support of server systems, including hardware, software and network.

Project Management - $65/hour
Planning and organizing of project resources, including monitoring progress through execution.

Payable at time of service. Weekly invoicing and NET terms available.
Plus mileage (55 cents per mile outside 10 miles from Jamison, PA [18929]), tolls, fares, and lodging if applicable.

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